Bukan Muhammad tapi Jesus!!! Nauzubillah……

Not Muhammad, but Jesus Name was printed !!!!!!

Be careful with this book!!!!!! This thing has been widespread to

the whole world.
We must fight this massacre which was created by Christian!!!

* DO NOT let them to convert many more MUSLIM to CHRISTIAN,

* DO NOT JUST KEEP this mail in your mailbox. FORWARD TO ALL OUR MUSLIMS..

The things they do to lead muslims astray is unbelievable. May Allah

protect us all. Let all your relatives/friends know that this book
do exist and a copy of it was already sent to MUIS for action.

Diharap semua sidang pembaca berhati-hati dgn buku siratal mustaqim yang diedarkan ini… inilah tipu helah kristian dalam memurtadkan sekalian umat islamsecara senyap…. intabih nafsak… wallahualam….